Tanker & Silobas Industry

When the details of stages of production such as ease of application, mechanical loads that they would need during their service lifetime, dyeing and corrosion are taken into consideration; die-cast aluminum , extrusion and sheet products can be found in every part of a vehicle or in combination with them. Whereas the applications in which luggage and bonnet are made of aluminum alloys have become customary in some models of almost all producers . In the examples of BMW, Renault Laguna.and Volvo the bonnet is made of AA6016 alloy and the supporting cross members and ribs lying under the bonnet are made of AA5754 or AA5182 alloys.
In order to increase the load carrying capacity the truck haulage and tanker truck bodies and trailers are manufactured in aluminum alloys.

The most important reasons of choosing die-cast aluminum components in automotive industry can be listed down as follows:
1. The lightweight,
2. Thermal conductivity is high,
3. Corrosion resistance is high,
4. Providing aesthetic and beautiful image,
5. Having good electrical conductivity.
Seykoç Aluminium has been supplying 5182 and 5186 alloy aluminum products that have been newly developed as a requirement of ADR (Agreement of Hauling of Dangerous Goods by Highway) for the body products of Tanker and Cement Trailers. You can find the chemical and mechanical values on page 24.


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