Marine Industry
In Marine crafts, especially in boats, by drawing the center of gravity down through aluminum super-structure systems, and thus balance of the boat is increased and provided more usage space. Poles of small boats and the yachts are made of aluminum. Aluminum alloys used in shipbuilding is known as marine grade aluminum (marine aluminum alloys) and they are classified, controlled and documented by class rules just like steel material.

The most important feature of aluminum; despite having almost the same yield stress as mild steel the density is approximately one third of the value of the steel. However, buckling resistance of aluminum is lower than that of steel, aluminum structures are about the half weight of equivalent steel structures.

All products provided for Seykoç Aluminum Ship and Marine industry are approved by the following class organizations.
Standard sizes are available from stock, please contact our Sales Department for Special Sizes.
Strip Width: Variable
Strip Length: Maximum 3800 mm
Standard Strip Thickness: 28 mm or 34 mm
5754 (AlMg3) H111-H22 Thickness 1 mm - 80 mm
5083 (Almg4,5) H111-H321 Width & Length 2000 x 6000 mm
      2000 x 8000 mm
Tread Plates
1050 H14 Thickness 1,5 / 3mm - 3,5 / 5 mm
5754 H114   5,0 / 6,5 mm
Width 1000 mm - 1250 mm - 1500 mm - 2000mm    
Length 2500 mm - 3000 mm - 6000 mm - 8000mm    
5754 H112 Diameter 10 mm - 508 mm
6082 T6 Length 3000 mm
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